Andy Goldsworthy

Art Appreciation

 When appreciating the art of Andy Goldsworthy in the classroom, the conceptual framework can be utilised to assist students developing a greater understanding of the purpose and meaning of each piece of art. It will also encourage students to critically analyse the art and form their own opinions.  

The link below will direct you to a sample art appreciation lesson plan, that can be used when introducing children to the work of Andy Goldsworthy.

Art Practice

When exploring Andy Goldsworthy in a primary classroom there are a number of opportunities that exist to expand children’s knowledge of Visual Art. There are a number of different activities that could be used to explore ephemeral art, sustainability and Andy Goldsworthy. In the example lesson plans below, the activites focus on the exploration of the life cycle of Goldsworthy's art. Focusing on new life of the materials through the creation of the art and then the changes as it deteriorates and returns to its original form.

The link below provides a number of lesson plans which could be used in a Year 5 or Year 6 class to explore and create art in response and aligned with the work of Goldsworthy.   

Lesson Plans

Week 1 Art Appreciation Lesson plan   Click here      Worksheet

Week 2 Art Practice Lesson plan   Click here

Week 3 Art Practice Lesson plan   Click here

Week 4 Art Practice Lesson plan   Click here

Audiovisual accompaniment to Art Appreciation Lesson

                          Audiovisual accompaniment